Spring in China

This is now my third spring in Henan, China. When the flowers start blooming in Luoyang the streets become perfumeries. It’s astonishing how many flowers and plants are visually and olfactorily beautifying the city. The same is true for the landscape design.

the effort to make living nicer

The (new) part of town gets a makeover. The apartment blocks are closed off. That means there are two or three entrances to access the compounds. Those usually contain 4 to 8 apartment buildings with 32 floors each. The nice thing about my compound is the garden with leisurely paths connecting the buildings. The garden, designed as a Zen garden, is decorated with festoons, flora and fauna in full and colorful bloom.


Sadly smog often spoils an undisturbed enjoyment of the view. Or even covers the attempts of beautification.

If this problem will be handled at one point, the new city districts of the aspiring Chinese cities, at the moment often characterized by concrete, will have havens of parks, hidden paths, trees and lakes, providing much needed resting places for the population.

“Hopefully this day will come soon.”


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