Felix Rudi hirschfeld

Entrepreneur - Adventurer - Speaker

This is my private blog.

For several years now I work and travel on different continents. Here I will publish my thoughts and experiences I've had. It will not be a business or marketing blog. If you are interested in my professional life, please see the websites of my companies.

The decision to publish my private thoughts wasn't an easy one. In my job and my studies I'm used to formulate thoughts and end with professional conclusion and result . But how will this be with my private stories and adventures. How can I be sure that this blog will not sound like the travel diary of a little girl? I can't and I still have my doubts. But this will be my adventure. Just like my adventure to build a business in China.

The other day i stumbled of the quote: "What you bring to the table is important" and that's exactly what i want to do with these words and paragraphs.

I will share the fun and difficult episodes of my travels, write about my hobbies like fashion, literature travelling and socializing.

Hopefully I will entertain, inspire people, maybe even get into contact with some. In the last couple of years I've learned how important personal contact is. Especially if you live mostly in a foreign country and culture.

I can't wait to start this new adventure and am interested how this will develop.